Transform Stage 2

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mentoring program transform makeup artistry business.jpg

Transform Stage 2


Transform Stage 2
The complete program for beginning and intermediate students

The Transform Platinum program is a mixture of all the sessions in the transform program, with an additional guidance focused on test shooting plans that help creating a better portfolio and extra business tools. They cover every aspect of the business and show the importance of a well-organized work. 
Within this program, you will learn the most efficient strategies that we use in our business as well. They will help you focus on your skills and improve your professional profile and business. It will help you achieve your goals and keep progressing.

Goal Mapping focuses on certain goals and creates detailed success plan.
Overcoming the mindset obstacles and daily success barriers.
Performing test shoots in order to add more to your work.
Exploring your job, ethics and ways to help you get hired.
Making your artistry skills impeccable, without retouching needed
Creating a perfect and professional marketing campaign by improving your website and social media profiles.
Creating attractive images that clients will not be able to resist.
Start building a great and professional reputation of your business
Creating a financial plan, negotiating deal memos and rates billing.

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