Mentoring workshop boost your mind set

workshop makeup artistry.jpg
workshop makeup artistry.jpg

Mentoring workshop boost your mind set


Intensive half day program to make you more attractive to clients

Even the professional artists have the periods of their business going downhill. No matter if you have experience in the industry or not, you can get stuck at the same place and stop progressing. It is not unusual or uncommon but it is the time you should do something about it.

This program serves as a business refreshment.

In order to become more ‘’bookable’’ and attract the right new clients, all the aspects of your business should be impeccable. From your business practices, portfolio presentation, equipment to the whole marketing campaign, they all work as details that will represent you and your quality. If the style you use in your presentation is classy and attractive, people will immediately think of your business as classy and attractive as well.

The session consists of a 2 hour long call via Skype or phone, where we will review some of the crucial areas of your business, such as:

The quality of your portfolio
Your website
Business structure
Product that you use
Booking practices

Additional call after 2 months of finishing this program 

we will call you and spend another 45min over the phone to review your progress 

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