Tiffany Wedding makeup and hair January 3rd 2015

We start the New Year with new beautiful Brides and the first one this year was Tiffany 

Tiffany requested airbrush Makeup and hair updo  

Our bride had very sensitive skin so we had to use special products for her skin and make her bridal day blast without any side effects or rush and so on...  

On the trial Day with Tiffany we had to make sure that her skin won't get any reactions from our products she wasnt sure what she is getting reaction for so we had to take a risk on the trial day and see if she would have any reaction. In this years working with many brides we havent had any issies or side effects with bridal parties and bride, and same for Tiffany she didn't had any side effect from the product we used on her skin 


We are happy to give the greatest quality of service that would last all day long without any issues  

We use products who are highly proved from the best makeup artists experiences and we use the same quality of makeup to everybride 


We had blast working on this wedding and the bride knew exactly what she likes and we were able to accomplish her dream look on her wedding day  


I would also like to mention that the bride had trial with someone else and she was unhappy with the result I would like to mention that this is our full time work we do not do makeup artistry on a side as most of the makeup artist out there we work everyday to give a quality of service to every bride.  

The Makeup and Hair take place in Monte Carlo Inn in Vaughan, Ontario 


If you have a wedding in this 2015 act now and safe your wedding day we are getting booked pretty fast due to our unique work  

We would like to hear from you and be Part of your wedding day  

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Bridal Hair Vaughan 


Tiffany bridal airbrush makeup by promakeupbynatasha 


Here is some pic from our work today 


Tiffany Makeup and Hair Vaughan Ontario 


Beautiful Tiffany wedding makeup and hair by ProMakeup by Natasha 


Bridal Hair Vaughan by Pro Makeup by Natasha, Monte Carlo Inn Vaughan Hotel 


Tiffany Mother in Law airbrush makeup by Pro Makeup by Natasha 

Awards winning wedding business

We are proud to announce for the past couple of years we work so hard to prove our selfs and finally we get awarded for our work 

We are wedding most popular Makeup Artists awarded for Toronto, Ontario and all Canada. 

Here is the awards  



Most popular award for Canada 


Most popular Award Ontario 


Most popular award Toronto 


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Always always always look amazing with a great colours

We were so happy to be part of this photoshoot..... This was not even planed photoshoot... And just because we were on our way the photo studio MPSG told us that we will work on beautiful Michelle CullenWhen we get there her gorgeous mom and Michelle where so excited how will everything turn out Then Sanja Start her creative work with doing Michelle Hair... Michelle told us that we could do whatever we want.... We use our creativity and Michelle was so happy to use promakeupbynatasha service and also MPSG Inc. Luben photography

Michelle look

1. Apply moisturizer all over your face 2. Airbrush foundation for more flawless look make sure you powder it when you apply the airbrush foundation 3. Primer for the eyes( this way you will be able to blend your shadow much easier then without the primer) 4 . Apply the lighter colour in this case yellow to the inner corner of your eyes 5. Apply pink colour in the lid of your eyes 6. Apply green colour at your crease and blend them all together 7. Glue half Eyelashes for more glamorous  look And here is Michelle Cullen look

MIchelle makeup and hair style 

MIchelle makeup and hair style 

Michelle Makeup and Hair by Pro Makeup by Natasha 

Michelle Makeup and Hair by Pro Makeup by Natasha 

Photography by MPSG visit for more of their work