What is the 2014 Wedding Make-up Trend Hamilton Ontario?

What is the 2014 Wedding Make-up Trend?

Airbrush Makeup Toronto
Airbrush Makeup Toronto

According to the fashion gurus in the industry, the wedding make-up trends of 2014 have been dictated. Following the New York Bridal Fashion Week which has just been held recently, let’s check out the top 2 hottest bridal make-up trends which are set to prime in 2014. Airbrush Makeup Toronto

Nude Lips

The 2014 look is largely about a natural-looking make-up look. A naturally looking nude lips will highlight your eyes and look stunning.

Winged-Tip Eyes

Winged-Tip eyes give you gorgeous catlike eyes, sending a sophisticated look with a fair touch of drama.

Come and talk to us about your preferences and we will come up with a desired make-up look for your wedding!


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