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Many actors have switched to airbrush makeup because it looks flawless under the unforgiving lenses of HDTV. And it doesn't melt if you sweat. Airbrush makeup is available through Pro Makeup by Natasha Inc. for over 10 years. Here's all you need to know about Airbrush Makeup

Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie  wears it. So does Jennifer Lopez. Why? Airbrush makeup creates a flawless face - almost as if you took your picture and ran it through Photoshop.


Here's how it works. A tiny amount of different airbrush tone foundation makeup is mixed to match your skin, and then sprayed onto the face with a airbrush gun, same when you do your airbrush nails. The result is a sheer, yet full coverage. You end up wearing less foundation, but with a flawless finish. It even hides under eye circles and rosacea.


What Kind of Foundation we use


Airbrush makeup foundations come in two types: silicone-based and water-based. We  recommend the silicone based foundation for the most brides, it creates a slightly more flawless look. We also use the water based foundation for oily skin. We use two brand Silicon Based for Professional use Temptu Pro. and the water based foundation Kett cosmetics 

We have tried many airbrush foundations in the past years this two professional Airbrush brands foundation are the best in the market by our opinion. We haven't had any issues with this two brands


Blush and Eye Shadow we do full airbrush makeup application by clients request. If you would like to have full airbrush makeup application please email us at

Airbrush Advantages

Once airbrushed, you are good to go for up to 10 or 20 hours, with an average of around 16 hours. It won't rub off on anything or disappear into your pores.

The airbrush system is sanitary, since it never actually touches the skin.

Also the airbrush can be used on legs, to conceal veins and discolouration's. That means no panty-hose, ladies


Still, that ultra flawless, pore-less even look is a very appealing idea. Some women even say the makeup hides some of their wrinkles. If you want that look, airbrush makeup is certainly worth a try.


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airbrush makeup application  

airbrush makeup application