Booking 2015 weddings don't wait to long spaces are limited

If you are wedding is in 2015 and you would like to book us for your wedding day please act fast and check with us if we still have your wedding day available. For everyone that allready book their wedding with us Congradulations and we would work hard to accomplish your dream day look.


Why you would choose us  

1. We have the best mobile service to offer  

2. Affordable prices  

3. Flexibility  

4. Working close with the bride in achieving the dream look  

5. Suggesting looks in case you are not sure on how you would like to look like

6. We are honest never suggest you something that is not going to suit your needs  

7. We would work as hardest it would take till you or your bridal party is happy  

8. Our makeup application stay all day long no exception 

9. We apply makeup in a proper way we don't cut and do shortcuts just to get the work done  

10. We use the best brands for your skin and hair

11. We are always on time  

12. We never cancel on a bride  

13. We are available to answer your questions in a 24 hours period maximum 

14. We ask many questions about colours, theme, bridal party colour dressess, style and so on so we know exactly whats your vision for the wedding day 

15. This is our full time job this is not what we do on a side our passion is full time because we love what we do and many brides support us only because they can see the differences  

We are very confidant that we could achieve any look you want  


Book with us and see the differences 

as many makeup and hairstylist are out there we offer quality of service with lots of experience we also unpgrade with a professionals or celebrities to serve you better  


Dont wait to long Book us now

or 1-905-979-4220